Chèz ak Sitwon Vèt 30"X 31" Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped

Welcome to you, dear internet surfer. In the past, many friends, clients,  acquaintances and potential collectors or agents have asked me for my website address. Every time the magic question popped up, I would answer that I was working on it. In many instances, they would show a sort of disappointment not having this immediate access to these treasures I cherish. Some friends even thought of selfishness in the idea of restricting access to my art works. 


Well... Here we are.  I invite you to visit these pages to uncover the wondrous aspects of this "world of mine". By doing so, you will become more familiar with this triple aspect of my creations. I recommend a glance at the galleries to enter the phantasmagoric world I have built through the years... a world that stretches upon a "triple resonance" of colors, light and shapes, embodied by the following trilogy:

  • The Composition Series
  • The Landscape Series
  • The Still Life Series


Do not hesitate to leave comments through the "contact me" page. I will be happy to promptly answer back to you and address any inquiry you might have. Last but not least, all pieces that are not captioned as part of a private or public collection items are available for sale. Enjoy the ride and invite your friends to visit as well.


The Artist Statement

Trilogy I (29" X 40") MMOC, 1999 / Artist Col, Miami FL

Art can be viewed as a skill one can learn by study, practice and observation. It is a human effort to imitate, supplement, alter, or counteract the effect of nature. The outcome is believed to be aesthetic and to have a meaning beyond simple pictorial descriptions. It is all about using imageries to suggest a more complex reality that is conditioned upon personal aesthetic perception. It is geared toward reaching the viewer through a constant multiform dialog engaging him/her to connect to hidden clues and to uncover unspoken truths.


Artistry, in my opinion, is reached when I retain in the process, the essential in term of aesthetic expression and the viewer can feel the vibes. In other words, artistic expression in my artworks lies in its ability to absorb the viewer and elicit a response… a dialogue of sorts. This relation can come from the title of a piece, the colors used, or the whole dynamics the piece conveys.


As I live far from the Haiti’s source of artistic energy, its colors, its cacophony of sounds and emotions, I try to keep alive this little flame that is burning inside to make sure my work transcends the modernity of the here and now and connects with the native, the naïve that lies dormant within my soul.

Acrylic on Canvas Trilogy II (30" X 48") AOC, 2005 / Private Col Miami, FL

Trilogy II (Aug 2005) was an attempt to continue exploring another form of "texture". No other media than acrylic is used on the canvas. Unlike the first piece Trilogy I (2000) where thick impasto and modeling paste built up to obtain a tridimensional effect, the texture in the second piece lies upon transparency of tones. The colors (acrylic) are stretched to the limit and treated as if I was using watercolors.  The two pieces are more than five years apart.